Too often, „women’s wellness“ implies „right women’s wellness,“ and queer girls remain during the dirt. But
bisexual and lesbian sexual health
really should not be a footnote, because all females — and, particularly, all women — should be knowledgeable regarding how numerous intimate medical issues affect all of them.

As a teen, I became super jealous of my friends who defined as lesbians and would proudly declare they are able to never get STIs since they merely slept with women. These days, absolutely a bit more details out
about the subject
, and, unfortuitously, nobody is resistant to intimately transmitted attacks. Research posted in Reuters Health found that
one in 4 ladies who sleep with women will contract one or more STI
within their resides, and another study discovered that bisexual and
lesbian women can be more likely to have microbial vaginosis
— although experts have but to figure out why here is the instance.

Essentially, we need to discuss ladies‘ health more inclusively to include the variety of lived encounters that fall under the „woman“ umbrella, and specifically those lived experiences that include an extra dose of social stigma. Listed here are five scientifically-sourced facts about lesbian and bisexual women’s sexual wellness, given that it should be discussed as often as straight women’s wellness is.

1. Lesbian Teens Cannot Get Adequate Gender Ed

Research conducted recently from the college of British Columbia discovered that one out of five teens who determine as lesbian reported lately making love with a male companion, but only
32 percent of them talked about making use of condoms
with the companion, weighed against 62 per cent of bisexual girls and 73 per cent of directly women. This information indicates there must be even more conversations of intimate fluidity and intimate health very ladies understand their unique choices for security, nevertheless they identify.

2. A Lot Of Bisexuals Don’t Feel Safe Speaking With Their Particular Doctor About Their Sex

A UK learn surveyed 513 bisexual people, and discovered that 42 % noticed pressure „to pass as gay or lesbian when opening [health] services.“ Additionally, the research additionally learned that
28 percent of bisexual people don’t feel comfortable
talking-to their unique doctors regarding their intimate wellness.


3. Dental Dam Use Isn’t Universally Great

Although the dental dam may be the snatch’s greatest equivalent to the condom and can protect against a host of bacterial infections, one study of 543 Australian lesbians found that just
9.7 % had used a dental dam during dental intercourse
with someone in earlier times six months, and only 2.1 % had made use of one, „often.“

4. Bisexual Ladies Report Lower Wellness

A research carried out by Rice University published this past year learned that
bisexuals self-reported reduced wellness degrees
than both homosexual or direct folks. 18.5 per cent of bisexual ladies ranked their health as either „poor or reasonable,“ while 10.6 % of lesbian ladies said alike.

5. HIV Transmission Between Women Is Probably Feasible

Although based on the CDC, there aren’t any reported situations of HIV indication between females, discover
some reports from it occurring
, therefore the suggest alludes to the CDC’s recommendation that „ripped tissues, menstrual bloodstream, and vaginal secretions“ are possible
techniques to transfer disease
from girl to lady.

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